Reef aquarium design, installation, troubleshooting and maintenance. Saltwater fish and live coral breeding and propogation.

Consultation, Sales and Installation. 

We will come to your home or business and provide you with recommendations to determine the best options for you. 
We have access to the full lineup of Red Sea Reefer aquariums as well as Waterbox aquariums.  Each provide an exceptional level of finish and quality. 
We can also customize any “off the shelf” aquarium to meet your needs. 
We are not tied to any specific manufacturers for equipment selection and will give completely honest recommendations based on our personal experience with every type of pumps, lights, or other equipment necessary to get the best results for your setup. 

Regular maintenance

A regular schedule of maintenance is crucial to the success of a reef aquarium. 
We will monitor water quality through testing and observation and make any necessary adjustments. 
Equipment such as protein skimmer, powerheads and pumps will be cleaned and adjusted as needed. 
Partial water changes will be performed and any necessary media will be replenished to keep nutrients in check. 
The exterior of the aquarium and stand will be kept clean.  

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